I was born in Kiev. Like all Soviet children, I was a pioneer, a member of the Komsomol and I was brought up in strict communist traditions, in a family that was not religious. Grandparents were deeply religious people, but my parents did not teach me to be religious. My grandmother even baptized me secretly from them. It was typical for that times.

After the school, I studied at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University on the Faculty of Philology. At the same time, I received a theater education in the theatrical studio at the Kiev Operetta Theater. Such education gave me an opportunity to continue working in the media - State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Working as a radio music program editor has opened me a huge world of music. Later, I began working as an editor in a musical edition on television. This job gave me a huge amount of knowledge about different musical culture of lots of different nations. A little later, I joined a small but very powerful team of specialists who created a unique (for those times, and even for the current) cycle of musical programs “Solar clarinets”. This legendary TV program was broadcasted 4 times per month. It was the longest program ever in the history of Ukrainian television. It lasted for 15 years. During this time, thousands of my compatriots starred in it, sang, danced, played on musical instruments. I had to travel all over the country in search of national talents, visited the most remote, deep corners, got acquainted with our ancient history and culture, heard songs that were 1000 years old or even older. People kept the ancient culture, which is transmitted from family to family in the form of songs, manner of performance, in the form of various handicrafts, embroideries, wickerworks, paintings, ceramics, etc.

Our people are amazingly talented and diverse.

In our programs we also paid special attention to the culture of different nationalities inhabiting our country. Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Tatars, Jews, Romanians, Moldovans, Germans – all these nationalities sang and danced in our programs. And no one insulted anyone, there was no hate, everyone treated each other with respect. There was a sense of unity in this, a sense of brotherhood and a single country.

With this program I received an experience also as a TV presenter. And then, a strict turn-out of history, the collapse of the Soviet Union, reduction of censure and appearance of new opportunities on TV. I had an idea to create a cycle of television programs “Frescos” - about historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine. Three years I was pushing this topic to be appeared on TV. But the result was astonishing. I became the first author, editor at UT-1, who gave sacred music on air in Ukrainian television. TV programs about outstanding Ukrainian composers, forgotten at that time, and even now rarely recalled - Wedel, Bortnyansky. Programs about the unique reserved place of the country - island Khortitsa, about the history and culture of the Cossacks, about the scientists of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, which at that time was in ruins. But the most important and unforgettable programs were about our Lavras - Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra and Pochaevskaya Lavra. I’m grateful to the fate that all of these happened in my life; that life gave me a chance to work together with amazing people — my contemporaries — remarkable composers, poets, performers; that I had to broadcast the first worship from the Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra after the 60-year pause, when during Soviet times one of the main temples of the Lavra - Refectory Church was a warehouse, and then a volleyball hall. I am glad that now the handsome Assumption Cathedral has grown on the territory of the Lavra. While filming the program, I clearly remember the ruins of the Cathedral and the angels without eyes on the frescoes. Belief in God then came to me.

I began to show unusual abilities - I could remove the headache, bring the overexcited person back to normal, calm down raging employees, etc. What was that? I knew that I had a great-aunt who was removing the evil eyes out of children and every neighbor carried their children to her. My relatives lived in the Polessky town, Kiev region; now it is a Chernobyl zone.

In the early 90s we had tough times and, as usual, in such historical periods, there is a strong interest to various mystical phenomenon. As a result - variety of esoteric schools appeared. I was also in that stream – I graduated from the Pavel Starykh school – one of the most famous and numerous. I never thought that this would be a turning point in my own life. I was not going to leave the TV, especially since my career was developing successfully — a TV presenter with her own program, the head of the department of Folk arts. But ... Man proposes, and God disposes.

My extraordinary abilities were developing, and I decided to leave the television and take alternative medicine as the career path.

More than 20 years passed since that times. Sometimes I ask myself - was it necessary to do this? But every time when this question arises, happy faces of cured people appear in front of my eyes; their fates which were changed once and for all for the better. Thousands of people passed through me with their own problems — private and official. I was working in different countries - Denmark, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan. Diseases are the same everywhere, people and their problems also. I became a professional healer, numerous times certified by the Association of Folk Medicine of Ukraine; an outstanding naturopath of Europe; a gemologist, winner of many awards of the European Society of Natural Medicine.

God gave me a new knowledge and skill — I began to heal the cripples and the disabled people; people who have suffered from severe injuries. At a certain period of time, the icons in my office began to drop myrrh, and with the help of Holy Spirit power diseases were healed. I began to work with the human bone system - to eliminate scoliosis, leg distortion, flat feet, any bone deformations, to change the shape of the nose.

The responsibility is huge, but we will not be given from above anything we cannot handle. Each patient is a new exam for me and I always want to pass with the "excellent" mark.