Alla Viktorovna P, Kiev

Dear Elena Aleksandrovna!

I cannot express all my gratitude to you for my son. He has been disabled since childhood, and doctors diagnosed him with mental retarding. My husband and I have already come to accept it, and especially I did not hope for anything, because when we came to you, he was 26 years old.

After diagnostics, you found dysplasia of the left hip joint and said that this defect blocked the blood vessels that supplied his left hemisphere of the brain with blood. Tomography confirmed your diagnosis. The left hemisphere was underdeveloped.

After you put the joint in place, the cerebral circulation activated, and my son began to change dramatically. He became calmer, more attentive, began to be interested in things that he had previously been indifferent to. Once, helping me with cleaning, he suddenly stopped and asked: “Mom, why do I do this? Is there really nothing more interesting for me?” I understood: the ice was broken.

Once we went with him to the dentist, we sat in a queue for a long time. My son put his palm to the wall and suddenly said: “Our doctor is not there. There is another, he has a female patient. And our doctor will come soon. He will be dressed in a yellow jacket, and he also has a mustache.” I was in shock after these words. A little bit later, a doctor came into the room wearing a yellow jacket and he had a mustache. I realized that my son has the makings of second sight.

He decided that he should also do something in life, and not only sit at home, as before. My husband and I supported him in this. He finished the massage courses and now he’s working. Thanks a lot! Without you, he would have remained a mentally disabled person.